With more than 100 employees, SOFEMED is a regional leader of medical devices solutions, developing orthopedic implants, instruments and external fixators according to international standards.

Headquarters and factory based in suburbs of Tunis, SOFEMED is offering its innovative solutions to the global market, handling with proud partners and customers in more than 25 countries across Africa, Middle east, Europe and recently Americas.

Created since more than 30 years by businessmen in metallurgy industry and a team of several Tunisian PhD surgeons in orthopedics, SOFEMED is a precursor in development and manufacturing medical devices in the African and the Middle east market.


Commitment To Excellence

Our commitment is to demonstrate excellence in all spheres of our work and in our interactions with customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities.

We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.

Excellence is needed at all level of our organization as medical devices design, engineering, risk management, quality control requirements and sales. SOFEMED is emerging best practices to enhance workforce skills, innovation, team spirit and to apply new working methods.


Client Vision

We work to set a corporate culture focused on the customer’s satisfaction and seek new and better ways to serve them.

We are dealing with a diverse profile of clients to help them facing their challenges. Our contribution is to give customized solutions according to the needs of surgeons, public and private hospitals, governments and patients.

At every level of the organization, we are serving clients and making the SOFEMED experience the best practice for a long-term partnership.

Corporate Responsibility

This is the way how SOFEMED contributes to make difference in society through:

- Sustainable practices

- reducing local footprint

- serving communities to face social issues

- Equal educational opportunity program

- Experimental innovative surgeries

- NGO partnerships and donations



Design & Innovation

Our qualified engineers are developing and improving our IIb class non sterile medical devices in order to offer efficient solutions according to international standards. All our solutions are developed with the expertise of Tunisian PhD orthopedic surgeons. Two patents were already developed by SOFEMED for pediatric use and for external fixation.


A Unique Sales Experience

We are serving local and global partners in more than 25 countries. Our common and customized solutions are well known and adopted in private and public hospitals but also in university hospitals and military hospitals. The SOFEMED sales experience includes customer approach, needs identification, efficient delivery process and post market procedures.

Engineering & Manufacturing

SOFEMED get 30 years know how expertise in engineering and metallurgy from its founder and managers and merging that with clinical and orthopedics from our surgeons consultants to offer a wide range of non sterile orthopedic implants, instruments and external fixators. Our sophisticated machines, machining process and performance managing tools give us the best quality/performance/price ratio in the market.

Quality & Risk Management

SOFEMED offers high quality solutions according to international standards as ISO 13485/2016 and European directive 93/42/CEE of medical devices (soon European regulation 745/2017). We use, always, biocompatible raw material for all our ranges of implants. Our titanium is according to ISO 5832-2 and ISO 5832-3. Stainless steel is according to ISO 5832-1. All our raw material is from approved suppliers. Our purchasing process from suppliers selection to quarantine raw material management to mechanical and chemical composition analysis is according to ISO13485/2016 and risk analysis procedure. For all the steps of development and manufacturing, risk management is constantly adopted. Our process includes also clinical evaluation, implants mechanical and biological testing and raw material suppliers audits.

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